Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thing 23: Thoughts on 23 things

When the opportunity came to do 23 things I just couldn't figure out how I would get it done in only 9 weeks. I have so much to do here at work and at home and no extra time to spare. I've managed to work it in, both here and at home. I'm glad we have the extra time because there were a few weeks that I couldn't work with this at all.
I"m not too good with technology and know even less. This was a good experience as I was able to work at my pace and had help from friends and coworkers when I couldn't seem to get the hang of anything. There are alot of interesting sites that I will go back to and have given to my boys thinking they might enjoy them.
Information nowadays is available in the blink of an eye, 24/7. Sometimes I feel like a kid in one of those old fashioned candy stores that I remember so well. So much to pick from, but what do I really want. With the internet it's the same basic question-- So much to pick from but where exactly to go for the most abundant and correct information. That is where I think future librarians will become more of an information navigator than a director of information. They will need to know the best specific information sites instead of every site with little information. As time goes on, I'm sure the best sites will remain but there will always be the fly by night, maybe make a buck sites always popping up.

Thing 22: Learn about audiobooks

I explored Project Gutenberg. I'm amazed at all the titles that are available-free. Quite a selection of books being done by volunteers -- finding qualified books, reading them, proofreading, etc.
I don't really enjoy listening to books. I've tried listening to some talking book titles that we have here at the library during my long, and I do mean long, (ca. 1 hr., 20 min. each way) drive to work and home again . Even though the drive is getting longer and longer because of increased traffic, I find that while driving I prefer hearing the traffic updates, and live voices. I've tried listening at other times and just can't get into the swing of things. My oldest son has recently become very much interested, so I've given these sites to him as well as encouraging him to come check out our selections here at the library.
In the future I may try again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thing 21: Podcasts

I searched using and found searching tools easy to use. I decided to search Biltmore and had quite a few results and added this to my blogline.
Podcast is yet another way to get information and we may be using it quite a bit of in the future.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thing 20: YouTube

Again, there are so many videos to choose from. After looking at a few I decided to view one from a Dom Famularo. He recently had a drum clinic at a Westminster music store that my sons and husband went to. Joe is learning to play the drums and all three of them were impressed with Doms playing. As I am after viewing his videos.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thing 19: Web 2.0 Awards

I enjoyed looking at many of the awards winners and nominees. A few of the winners we have already learned about during this 23 thing training. I have also found Biblio, a used book site, and Medstory, a health site, and the real estate guide informative and interesting. And I know my boys would enjoy Flickr and and any of the game sites.

Thing 18 Google Docs

After opening an account in Google docs, I just typed a recipe and put in a folder. This may be a good way for family members to keep handy those handed down recipes and insert notes about their personal changes to the basic recipe and not be concerned about sending the changes to whoever or about losing the recipe.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thing 16 and 17: Wikis

I'm familiar with Wikipedia. I'm not too thrilled that anyone can edit a wiki with possible incorrect information and that it is open to vandalism and spam. But I do think it would be good for booklists and maybe procedure updates for work.

Here is my wiki: